Il nostro saluto al Congresso dell’Associazione degli avvocati progressisti turchi ( CHD)

The Center of Research and Elaboration on Democracy sends its warmest greetings to CHD. Since a long time we are engaged in supporting CHD’s struggle for democracy in Turkey and the liberation of political prisoners. We highly appreciate the commitment
of the Turkish lawyers and their unrelenting struggle in order to transform all the Mediterranean area in a space of peace and human rights. Names like those of Ebru Timtik, the martyr of rule of law and due process, Selcuk Kozaagli, Aytac Unsal, Barkin Timtik and others have become cherished symbols for lawyers in all Europe well beyond political ideologies. With this spirit we wish to You good work and the successes we all deserve. Hoping to see our beloved friends free as soon as possible, in solidarity